InvestInP2P's Premium Picks make it easy to earn great returns with your peer lending portfolio.

3 Reasons you should use our premium picks.


1. Faster

InvestInP2P picks make buying new notes fast. Invest straight from our premium picks page. Don't bother fiddling with filters directly on Lending Club everyday waiting for the right notes to come up.


Links on the picks page take you directly to the invest page on Lending Club.


2. Simple

Other peer lending sites make choosing loans complicated. They feature lots of tools and statistics. It can be difficult or time consuming to figure out how to use them and the final results may not even be that accurate. How much is your time worth? Spend your time making money, and for just $10 a year leave the number crunching to us.

3. More Accurate

Most peer lending sites focus on choosing filters that have historically provided good returns. This process is filled with errors. InvestInP2P uses modern machine learning techniques and pays attention to the details to give you better picks. We provide more accurate projections that take into account common sources of exaggerated returns.


Get Premium Picks for just $10/year and you could increase your future returns by thousands of dollars.


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